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On The Brink of Revolution……

At this point in time, Iran, I feel is on the brink of SOMETHING  SPECIAL that is going to change the world forever.

As we watch the videos on T.V. of the throngs (I use this word INSTEAD of MOB because they are FIGHTING against something their government has(or might have) done TO them) of people in the streets of Tehran , I can’t help but wonder how this will work out for them.

You & I, as Americans, can take heart in knowing what they are going through because of the historical records of our OWN countrys’  battle with England  for Liberty & Freedom over 233 years ago.

We know that they are going to be subjected to some of the human cruelties like that of the Castro Regime , North Korean Regime or that of all the OTHER  wackos’ that have  taken advantage of their positions of power over their citizens.

They are, IF they are successful, in for a tumultuous time in their history. It will be a new start for this Islamic country. I can only hope that they LEARN from their own past and  fail to repeat the wrongs of  the Ayatollah Ali Khameni & Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

The future that lies ahead for them is a most assuredly a mass of new learning experiences that will DEFINE their future in the Political world as well as the REAL world.

Are they going to hold steadfast to the Islamic teachings of their Fathers? Or, are they going to consider “Blending” with the modern world?

Will they simply be subject to ANOTHER regime that is concerned only with it’s OWN existence, or will they install one that is “By the people, for the people”. And if so, will it be friendly to the U.S? This would probably cause alot of problems for them in that region since Iran presently supports terrorist groups in the surrounding countrys of Syria, Palestine, and others. These are all questions that I would HOPE & PRAY they consider VERY, VERY carefully.

If they choose correctly, the “New” leaders will be concerned with the Citizens FIRST, Economy SECOND, and Politics THIRD, & all other concerns lastly.

We here in America should support them in Spirit for they are about to undertake an amazing journey. They are about to realize the true meaning of the word FREEDOM!! Our hearts & prayers go out to them as they blaze a new trail in the future of their Nation.

Death Spiral Into Marxism(What you SHOULD be doing to STOP it!!)

As with any spiral, the farther you go into it, the faster you move down into it.(Kind of like a Turd in a toilet)

So goes our nations’ progression into Marxism. A sad ending to a SPECTACULAR NATION!! The one MOST immigrants try to come to, but, the DEM’S claim is so BAD(doesn’t make sense, does it?)!!

It has picked up so much speed in the last 30 days that even the newspaper PRAVDA in an editorial said they can’t believe how fast our pace  has moved!! THAT’S pretty bad in itself!!

That’s a pretty telling revelation, if you ask me!! It takes alot to surprise the old Russians!!

But, it’s NOT surprising with the pace at which Obama and his Flunkies have been spending & printing money in the first 100 days. Makes you wonder what is in store for us in the NEXT three and a half years.

The administration HAS been following the SAME path as Hitler did in the 1930’s. In the EXACT ORDER as then:

1.) Take over the Unions.  DONE

2.) Destroy the financial districts. DONE

3.) Take over the major industries(That’s the present step).

4.) Take over ALL forms of publication(i.e. the Newspapers, T.V., Radio, ect.(this is where the “Fairness Doctrine” comes into play)).

5.) Totally RUIN the Economy so that “Only the Government can offer you a way out of your problems”. This part is special, after the economy “CRASHES”, then the usual excuse by the “Tyrants of the past” was that the “Guvment” needs your assets to keep the “Guvment” running so they began CONFISCATING everything!! From Bank accounts, to property, to personal belongings.  Our old friend Mussolini was famous for this. He was ahead of the curve LONG before Hitler even THOUGHT of it!!

So, my point is: HOW LONG are “WE THE PEOPLE” gonna set back on our collective haunches and take this from these Socialist pieces of Human(?) Excrement??

I believe it’s time we DID something about it!! We need to do something that will REALLY get their attention.

Here’s a short list:

1.)Don’t pay your income tax. That shuts the WHOLE system down if we ALL participate. This forces them into a “NO-income” situation. Spending capital comes to a grinding halt. They can’t put ALL of us in jail since we are told they are all FULL!

2.) Everybody calls their representatives in the Congress AND the Senate at least once a day, EVERY DAY till the message finally sinks in!!

3.)Write to EVERY newspaper editor in your area. You get enough people doing this, they MIGHT think something is going to happen in a BIG way and PRINT some of them!!

4.) Write letters to your local T.V. stations as well…you never know, you might get lucky &  end up on T.V. explaining the reasons for your letter!!

5.) Join so you can locate a Tea Party Group in your area. Then GO TO that & subsequent Tea Parties(sometimes news crews show up here)! Also search out local conservative groups & join forces!!

6.) Keep calling & E-mailing your Reps. & Senators till they practically get a restraining order on you!!!! Write,Write,Write,Call,Call,Call!!!

7.) You can also contact your state Governor & make a PEST out of yourself!! Sooner or later he’ll call the others for a “Powwow” so he can tell them how much crap HE’S been getting!! You can also ORGANIZE A GROUP to make a trip to your state capitol! A little One-on-One with a Rep. or Governor can make a HUGE differance!!

The point is, if you don’t OPEN YOUR MOUTH…DON’T EXPECT THEM TO READ YOUR MIND!!! Now get out there and get MILITANT about it just like they do!!!




Top-Notch Work at

I must admit I am impressed…these young women have really got it together here!!

In fact, I am SO IMPRESSED, that I JOINED  the SGP site tonight!! That’s right, I said it!! I joined!!

  Oh,well, I always was a “SOFTIE”  for a SMART,  good-looking woman.


Obamas’ Smoke,Mirrors & Snakeoil Show!!

Well, he’s STILL out there trying to “Sell” the Socialized Medicine Plan to the natives!!

NOW he says that if you “LIKE” your present insurance, “We won’t make you change…you can KEEP IT”!! What he DOESN’T tell you is that once the “Guvment” starts THEIR program, they push the prices down so low that the Private Sector Carriers go out of business!! This FORCES YOU to get on the Government Plan, ANYWAY!!  And, employers won’t pay for insurance anymore, so you have NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE if you want healthcare!! See how that works??!! 

The other day when he gave his “speech” at that “Townhall Meeting” in Green Bay, Wisconsin…you could just TELL they loaded that place with 100% Obamabots so they would get the correct questions from the crowd!!

He can tell you ANYTHING to make you FEEL BETTER about it because he KNOWS how it’s gonna end!!

After the big “TAKEOVER”, the Doctors don’t stand a chance, either. They either go along with the game, or they’re out, TOO!! They won’t be able to be independants because THAT will be against the law!! So, they are put between a rock & a not so soft place. Play the game or get out!! That goes for the pharmacies, too! You either take what they want to PAY you, or close your doors.

Pretty underhanded, deceitful, and down-right WRONG if you ask me!! ALL of this has got to be out & out ILLEGAL in every step!! Just like what they are doing to the auto industry. I want to see the Enumerated Article  or Law on the books that gives them the “RIGHT” to do all this!!

I tell you, this is nothing but a “Power Grab” by the Ultra-Liberal Left”. And a Payback to supporters( the Unions) in the case of GM & Chrysler.  They come out with over 53% ownership!!

I would LOVE to see the NEXT two or three companies they go after, stand up & say “Go jump in a lake!! You have NO AUTHORITY to do this in this situation!! Go hug a tree or hold hands & sing the old CocaCola Song( Come on, you know you remember it!) ” We’ve had ENOUGH of you & your “Bots”!!

Meanwhile, Pelosi is STILL having problems convincing ANYONE she didn’t know that “Waterboarding” was being used. Her numbers are in the deep end of the tank!!

Reids numbers CONTINUE to go down(even in his Home state)!! And Biden… well, he just goes on being Biden. But things aren’t great for him at home, either.  His numbers slide as well.  And “Tiny Tim” Geitner STILL has trouble answering ANY questions without looking like a TOTAL MORON!!

This whole “Political Circus Circus”, just keeps getting better & better day after day!! ONLY in the U.S.ofA.

Keep your powder dry & your guns handy…you’re gonna NEED’em!!

Nuke-powered Dwarfs…

It looks like the demented Oompa-Loompas’ are pumping up the kitty in this Global poker game called Nuke-a-palooza!!

Thats right, Kim Jong Il & his Evil twin Amedinajad( like trying to spell that word from the Sound of Music!!) are pushing the stakes HIGHER in the race to gain Nuke Power.

The ONLY differance between the two is, Iran says they want it for “Peaceful generation of electricity”! Yeah, Riiiiight! Seems to me that Israel needs to “Duck and cover” on this one.

In the West(or is it East),  “Lil Kim” says right up front he wants to be able to send a ICBM as far as the U.S.. Has ANYONE informed him that we could turn North Korea into the worlds largest cat-box before he could turn off the lights for the night?? Of course AFTER we did that, N. Korea would GLOW in the dark for some time, kind of like a large night-light.

The only draw back to this is that China is right next door, so they might get a little upset about that. But, then again, maybe NOT! After all, we ARE their LARGEST trading partner & they do hold the Lions share of our debt. But, it would save them the trouble of dealing with the little turd.

My guess is, no one in the region would be TOO upset if he just disappeared in one way or another.

But we must remember, the UNITED(Useless) NATIONS is going to send him a STEARN letter threatening sanctions!!  OOOOOHHH, now THAT ought to make him quake in his little Commie uniform!! Or we might REALLY get serious and send HILLARY over there to give him a spanking!! Better not, he’d probably LIKE that! From what I’ve read, he IS a real Party Animal and likes all the “Finer Things” in life. Use your own imagination here, Folks. That might explain WHY his health is on the edge. They say he buys whiskey by the container loads right along with Cuban cigars and anything else you can think of. Usually with the money he has “Black-mailed” from US in previous encounters!! 

Well, I’m a God-fearing Baptist. I USUALLY don’t wish ill things on people, but, he WILL get his. It is written.

Now to the Iranian “Rat Face”.

He has stated MANY TIMES that he wants a nuke to send into Israel. He wants to wipe it off the face of the Earth!! Of course he is also the MAIN SUPPLIER to the Syrian  & Palistinian underground. AND he has sent arms & munitions into Iraq since the start of the war. Components used in I.E.D’s have been TRACED back to Iran!! So I don’t believe we can take HIS word for anything!!

Myself, I  believe we need to park a few divisions of tanks on the Eastern Iraq border and tell him “OK, push the button on that nuke &  we’ll own THIS piece of property in less time than we did Iraq!!”

But, you know how our fearless leader “Chairman Moabama” would react to THAT suggestion: “We…can’t…do that kind of thing! They just…want…cheap…electricity!!

And the United(Useless)Nations, would say: Seeee? We TOLD you to take their GUNS AWAY!! Now they want to invade IRAN, TOO!!

Well, MY guess is: You walk all over “Rat-Boy” like a cheap rug, and  “Lil Kim” will shut up. And THEN you go get the OTHER nut-case Osama (“I voted Obama”) Bin-ladin!! Once you have this accomplished,  things will get BACK to pre-9/11 conditions & no one will mess with us for a Loooong time.

Keep your powder dry & your guns handy… ur gonna need ’em!

GREAT site I found(if you are a Christian Conservative)

I just stumbled on a great site for Christian Conservatives. It’s  called  Pink Elephant Pundit. Has very good up-to-date news briefs from the last 24 hrs. It can be seen a:  Or on twitter at